SARAJEVO - Chamber music in pictures

Festival Pictures (to be updated)

Many thanks to my fellow musicians for the concerts and rehearsals! And many thanks to Violeta and Agata for organizing and taking care of a non Bosnian!

What a great time I had in Sarajevo! I met some really wonderful and crazy people, some great musicians and got to know this astonishing city. Unfortunately the war has destroyed a lot and one can still see quite a lot of the damage, but what I found really great is the mix of cultures and religions in this city. Islam, Judaism and Christianity right in one spot.

That's one big wish I'd like to happen again in the future - everywhere.



Violeta Smailovic-Huart

Vasily Shcherbakov

Barry Green

Agata Miklavc

Anja Jamsek

Eva Radomi Karadza

Peter Obradovic

Belma Alic

Lorena Milina
Ilma Hodović
Anamarija Marić
Tamara Arsovski
Jelena Vidović
Melisa Karić
Lidija Paulin
Isak Haračić
Manuela Ekmecic
Aida Dajic



Shostakovich - Piano Quintet

Schubert - String Quintet

Rachmaninov - Piano Trio No.1

Schumann - Fantasy Pieces

Ligeti - Solo Sonata

Mussorgski - Pictures of an Exhibition

The City

Only had my phone camera, but its good enough for a brief impression I think. The first days were foggy and smoggy, it changed to wonderfully cold and quite clear weather. Just read: Bosnia has the strongest smog pollution within Europe.