Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht with Bundesjugendballett

What a performance we had on 23.6.2015 in Nürnberg!

Steven Walter once again managed to bring many small pieces into a shape that absolutely culminated in Schönbergs Verklärte Nacht. A review of this event in German:

Working with Jonian Ilias Kadesha, Miriam Helms Ålien, Malte Koch, Kendra James and Vashti Hunter turned out to be one of the nicest and most effectively culminating working sessions resulting in a performance that was extremely unique and takes absolutely all doubts about why concerts are better than recordings (if anyone ever doubted that).

Even sight-rocking the Glass-Quartet "Company" was a little highlight. Minimal music always reminds me of my roots in electronic music.

Looking forward to play it again with the Bundesjugendballett! What a nice and talented group of young dancers!