Ten Days In Cornwall in pictures

First come a few shots from my DSLR. Mostly I had the camera in my room which is also from where I took the wave shots. Further down are some nice mobile shots showing a bit of weather and environment. I wasn't there alone of course. Around 50 other young great musicians were part in the IMS Prussia Cove, but for some reason I took so few pictures of the people that it wouldn't make sense to show them here. This does not mean, that they were not interesting, funny or amazing! Rather that they were too much fun to just be with than taking pictures of them. Thanks for the time there!

And many thanks to Rosie, organizing everything and to Frans Helmerson for having chosen a fantastic and nice cello group for the classes!

This was the big discovery of this master class. Helmerson: "This is an amazing instrument! It has everything I would want a cello to have!" and also my collegues could confirm the quality of my new cello! I'm excited to have a nice new "relationship" in my life :)

As you come out ot the main building, this is the first thing to see. Wonderful

The weather often Changed within minutes. In this case the black clouds were about to leave.

sunny shot

Our cottage "cliff" 

Greetings from the shore

Highly unstable weather. Don't quite remeber if it was go get better or worse, but it didn't really matter since it would mostly only last for max. 30 minutes and then change again.

View from our living room

full moon!